SMS Marketing for Agencies and Their Clients

Capture more leads, drive more sales, and make results take off. See how RingBot's texting solution is the answer for you and your clients:

What Is RingBot?

RingBot is a 2-way business texting platform, fully white-labeled, it looks like it's your software.
You and your clients can send and receive text messages with customers online or on your phone.

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My client and I sent 1 mass text broadcast to his list, and he made $170,000 in 3 days! He loves me now!

Tracey Stewart

Agency Owner

Grow Your Clients' Businesses
Without Forgetting to Grow Your Own

Marketing Agency Life Is Hard Work

You work long hours so your clients can grow. But what about your own growth?

93% Of Marketing Agencies Are Missing Key Revenue

This lost revenue leads to tiny margins and long hours for little pay.

The Best Agencies Add Ancillary Revenue

This is revenue not directly related to your marketing work, but extra revenue on top of what you normally do every day.

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65.4% Of Customers Think Texting With A Business Makes Communication Easier


Marketing Campaigns With Texting Are 429% More Likely To End In Conversion


52% Of Customers Would Prefer Texting As Their Form Of Communication

How RingBot Helps Your Clients

Capture More Great Leads

It doesn't matter how many people visit your clients' website. It matters how many of them actually convert to leads.

RingBot's simple website widget drives more conversions (up to 50% more)
and is more desired than chatbots by site visitors. Your clients will love the added leads and resulting revenue you gave them.

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    Actually Get Your Message Seen

    Easily send bulk text messages to your clients' contact list. Tag and segment lists to hit just the right target at the right time. Plus, with texting's 98% open rate versus email's 21% open rate, your message will be seen by almost 5 times as many eyeballs, getting you a much better chance at driving business.

    • 98% Open Rate on Mass Campaigns
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    Hear It From Them...

    Don't take our word for it.

    • "All sorts of my clients are growing because of RingBot."

    • "People aren't looking at email or, but they're texting!"

    • "My customers said RingBot is perfect!"

    • "It's a tremendous platform."

    Start Selling Your New SaaS Product Quickly

    White Label

    As far as your customers will know, this is totally your tool.

    Landing Page

    Built in landing pages to start driving quality traffic and closing leads immediately.

    Recurring Revenue

    The RingBot widget feels like your own SaaS company, with monthly revenue boosting your business.

    Setup Wizard

    A step-by-step guide makes getting going quick and easy.

    Fast Growth

    Start collecting new revenue seamlessly with Stripe.

    "Powered By"

    Your branding is shown (not RingBot), increasing your brand reputation, power, and referrals.

    Connect With More Customers

    A simple and easy to use dashboard allows your clients, you, or your team to send and receive texts and manage conversations with several customers at once. You'll even see where the conversation comes from, down to the exact page they were on when they visited your website.